Asafoetida - A Very Smelly Spice But Stuffed with Flavour

Botanical Identify Ferula asafoetida

Asafoetida is also referred to as devil's dung, stinking gum, asant, foods in the gods, Hing and large fennel.

It's a species of Ferula native to Iran. It is a herbaceous perennial plant escalating to two m tall, with stout, hollow, rather succulent stems 5-8 cm diameter at The bottom with the plant. The leaves are 30-40 cm long, tripinnate or far more finely divided, that has a stout basal sheath clasping the stem. The flowers are yellow, made in big compound umbels.

Asafoetida's English and scientific identify is derived with the Persian phrase for resin (asa) and Latin foetida, which refers to its powerful sulfurous odour.

Its pungent odour has resulted in it being identified as by a lot of unpleasant names; So in French it is thought (amongst other names) as Merde du Diable (Satan's faeces); in a few dialects of English too it had been called Satan's Dung, and equivalent names are available in many Germanic languages (e.g. German Teufelsdreck), also in Afrikaans as Duiwelsdrek and also Finnish Pirunpaska or Pirunpihka. In Turkish, it is referred to as eytantersi, eytan bökösu or eytanotu (the Devil's Herb). In lots of the northern Indian languages (Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali) it is called hing or "Heeng". A similar title takes place in many Dravidian languages (e.g. Telugu Inguva, Kannada Ingu), but Tamil perungaayam and Malayalam kaayam originate from a different root.


The spice is utilized for a digestive aid, in foodstuff as a condiment and in pickles.

Its odour is so potent that it has to be saved in airtight containers; otherwise the aroma, that's nauseating in portions, will contaminate other spices stored nearby. On the other hand, its odor turns into Substantially milder in cooking and presents an onion-like taste. Some declare that the usage of Asafoetida inside of a marinade or coating for fried fish removes the sturdy odor usually left driving immediately after frying. In India, it really is used Particularly because of the trader caste of Prevod sa srpskog na engleski jezik the Hindus and by adherents of Jainism, who are not allowed to consume onions. It is principally grown in Iran, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Asafoetida has specified medicinal takes advantage of and is most commonly employed being a digestive assist. It can be reputed to reduce flatulence and is commonly included to lentil or eggplant dishes in compact portions. It is usually reported to generally be helpful in cases of bronchial asthma and bronchitis.

It is actually even made use of (in pretty compact quantities) is some perfumes.

A people tradition remedy for youngsters's colds: it can be combined into a foul-smelling paste and hung in a bag around the troubled child's neck. An "asfiddity bag" across the neck was a common preventative for colds and flu in West Virginia during the early 1900's.

In Thailand it can be accustomed to aid toddlers' digestion which is smeared on the child's tummy within an alcohol tincture known as "mahahing".

John C Duval described in 1936 the odour of asafoetida is appealing into the wolf, a subject of frequent knowledge, he claims, along the Texas/Mexican border. A person wonders how he or anyone else observed that out and what use it is in recognizing it Except if Asafoetida is so attractive to your wolf that a pack of them are distracted from chasing their prey because of the liberal use of Asafoetida. It could be simple to understand provided that wolves try to eat around the operate but somewhat unsafe to investigate we predict.

Anxiety along with your Kidneys

Do you realize that the kidneys have an influence with your anxiety and viceversa?
Avoidance is a standard tenet of holistic health, plus a requirement for the maintenance of ideal kidney health and fitness. In its part as blood filter and detoxifier (fluid and squander supervisor) the kidney is open to considerable abuse, from in just and with out.
Stability is another critical wellness principal, as well as physical manifestation of balance may be the kidneys' very good operating.. Ordinarily,one has received two kidneys. Nonetheless, Should you have bought just one, it is not an issue. You'll be able to Dwell with just one kidney provided that you manage it. The 2 kidneys are symmetrical bean-shaped organs. Their size is about that of a fist. They are located within the mid-back again, under the ribs.
Their operate is the fact of filtering the fluids of the human body.. The kidneys filter out the impurities that aren't wished-for in Your whole body. They are going to be expelled possibly through your skin or through the organs whose job would be to do just that. Certainly, this filtering the fluids is an extremely essential operate..Your kidneys preserve your body's fluids in the chemical harmony. If this chemical harmony is granted, your mental condition is additionally considerably more balanced.
This implies substances accustomed to stability the interior surroundings They Perform a substantial part in acid-base balance, and also the control of blood pressure In fact, hypertension is a crucial indicator for a Prevod sa srpskog na engleski cena very good equilibrium in the human body and from the head..The kidneys have also One more process and that is to secrete three important hormones: These have an essential role in the regulation of hypertension, of your stimulation with the manufacture of purple blood cells as well as the third one is an Lively sort of vitamin D.
You will discover a variety of actions that assist to protect your kidneys Which continue to keep you tranquil . To get serene also indicates to not put up with panic. The very first thing to look at would be to keep your kidneys heat. They can be the initial organ that suffers from getting exposed to cold. It's therefore encouraged to deal with them and never to expose them to chilly weather conditions. The next would be to consume an abundance of Prevod sa srpskog na engleski cena drinking water. This does not mean to consume gallons in one go. It means to consume steadily, throughout the day. A glass of drinking water every two several hours is ideal. The water should not be ice h2o. Area temperature is very best. Whilst definitely, you can find other elements that impact your condition of thoughts, taking treatment of one's kidneys helps you to protect against nervousness that's strongly associated with your kidneys. You are able to do much more that will help your kidneys.
Rub your palms with each other, palm to palm until they get incredibly warm. Then therapeutic massage your kidneys using your palms, then flip your arms all around and massage your kidneys with all your nuckles. Rub your palms palm to palm again until eventually They may be very heat after which pat your kidneys with all your heat palms. This is a simple work out which you can do everyday and that can help to keep your kidneys healthy. Prevod sa srpskog na engleski jezik It will take only some seconds and I am certain that your kidneys will thanks for this Specific interest. This has become the organic cures that assist you with stress.


Spam is junk mail we get on our personal computers.
It is often mail We've got no interest in receiving.
By opening it, we squander time we may very well be shelling out on something else.
Also, exactly the same spam is often despatched to us continuously.
We grow to be annoyed and think that our privateness is getting violated.
Even worse, spam normally carries a destructive virus intended to infect our computer systems.
Generally, mail which can be done spam is filtered by our e-mail
so, if we’re not intrigued, we don’t need to squander time looking at it
or currently being irritated by it.
This filter is really a valuable support.
Don’t be fooled, just as in any other sphere of everyday living,
the online world is likewise full of misleading advertising and marketing intended to fool you.
SPAM IN Authentic Daily life
The ‘spam’ in other spheres of lifestyle is usually a sacrifice we make
for residing in a customer Modern society.
In the buyer Modern society, you will need to tolerate unsolicited and undesirable messages
which comprise biased and manipulated ‘specifics’
intended to idiot you.
Their goal would be to provide you items. Absolutely nothing extra.
And typically things you will not want.
Why, if not, would you squander time questioning irrespective of whether you must travel to your Maldives?
In the end, You can not manage such a vacation.
However the publicity is there for anybody who cares to go through it.
Only for a second, visualize every one of the adverts you read or listen to in each day.
God, what a squander of beneficial time and Electricity …..
At times They are really campaigns for a selected brand name, flaunted by a perfectly-identified personality.
That particular person may or may not be honourable.
What about the manufacturer by itself? Is the corporation that made it honourable?
How about an institution, and its impression?
Is it cleanse? And what is the real motive for its campaign?
You can find media which blatantly promote a certain prospect,
and urge you to vote for that prospect.
From then on, they'll only converse highly of that applicant,
and negatively of his/her opponent.
Where is the objective information and facts in all of this?
Even wars is often ‘sold’ by selling patriotism, and financial interests.
And the reality is the very first thing for being shed in fight.
Often certain items are going to be promoted
through the inclusion of shopper’s opinions.
Needless to say, these will concur with the target from the advert,
and can be distorted in this kind of way as to fool you into shopping for the item.
As citizens, our demands are pretty easy – to are in peace,
to love our private life, and to raise our households.
Nonetheless everyday, we have been harangued by our responsibilities as shoppers and voters,
tasks we don’t want to be reminded of every moment of each day.
But, because of the strain of modern lifetime,
we regularly permit others to Assume for us.
Advertising and marketing and publicity feed on this.
Marketing is aggressive and manipulative, abusive,
and it has no scruples in fooling you even though benefiting another person.
If You're not mindful of such hazards, you will be fooled
into shopping for unneeded merchandise,
perhaps even products tainted via the sweat of kid labour,
or Individuals produced for the price from the ecosystem,
or Those people which perpetuate unjust and/or unsustainable financial or political techniques.
Marketing may perhaps even coerce you into voting for corrupt candidates
who do probably not have society’s pursuits at heart,
but are in it for personal aggrandizement.
Thankfully, The majority of us have an inherent ‘anti-spam’
which makes it possible for us to view and hear adverts selectively,
to filter out the garbage and the overwhelming publicity.
We may even reject TV adverts by switching to a different channel.
We do that pretty easily, as if we have become proof against everything.
But don’t be fooled into complacency,
the advertisers are fully mindful of our psychological anti-spam qualities.
The spam forces have not offered up,
they've simply modified their methods.
They have got refined their procedures, and armed by themselves with new technological know-how
to dilute our spam filters.
Significant organizations with large budgets and huge money
have realized that their publicity has to change.
So, they have employed psychologists, scientists, as well as other specialists to fool us.
Governments have entered this field,
and ‘news’ Prevod reci sa srpskog na engleski is disseminated by companies who manufacture news.
Now, ‘they’ decide what our topics of conversation will be,
and ‘information’ is packaged in A great deal a similar way as clothes are.
Viewpoints, attitudes, and beliefs are sponsored by ‘significant’ revenue
which aren't toward the prevalent fantastic.
Now, there are actually folks who gain their dwelling by fooling you.
You will need to Increase your MENTAL ANTI-SPAM Capacity
Campaigning – be it advertising or publicity is on the offensive,
and you need to secure you by increasing your psychological anti-spam.
Usually do not enable them to deceive you.
1. Cultivate your critical spirit
two. Will not let Other folks to Feel for you personally.
3. Imitate experts: request proof.
4. A single experiment would not represent simple fact. Need much more.
5. Remaining Prevod sa srpskog na engleski jezik sceptical may well preserve you from disappointment.
6. Change the way you system facts, don’t just take Everything you’re told:
seven. Be selective, Assess details from various resources, and ensure They can be credible.
8. Be Prevod sa srpskog na engleski jezik cautious of data overload …..
9. And decide yourself which topics are of curiosity to you: don’t Enable Other folks determine for you.
ten. If a politician lies for you, don't vote for him.
Now, credible facts is like independence.
You need to struggle for it.
Mikel Martinez Anton, Ph G

English textual content: Lin Besaans

Positives and negatives of Balikbayan Containers and On the web Outlets

Sending presents is one of the preferred methods For lots of overseas Filipinos. It absolutely was for this reason assistance that a package deal often known as balikbayan box became well known amongst quite a few Filipinos. Nonetheless, in addition to the usage of balikbayan packing containers, several abroad Filipinos had also utilised online stores in the Philippines as a method to send items to their family members.

So which system is the best? According to abroad Filipinos, Each and every process accustomed to mail gift Philippines is noted for its own rewards Which is the reason balikbayan containers remain utilized While many overseas Filipinos experienced reported that the use of on the web outlets is much more practical.

Having said that, Each and every strategy is also known for its possess cons, which makes the Each and every system suitable for a specific goal. So Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of making use of balikbayan bins and on line shops to deliver present Philippines?

Positives and negatives of Balikbayan Boxes
The key benefit of applying balikbayan boxes, In accordance with abroad Filipinos, is its Price tag-efficiency. A single attribute that separates balikbayan bins from other sorts of packages is its dimension, during which balikbayan bins are even larger and bulkier compared to conventional packages.

As a result of its dimensions, abroad Filipinos can certainly send numerous present things in a single packaging. Items despatched as a result of balikbayan boxes Usually consist of things which would not quickly perish or crack for example outfits, toys, extras, electronics, sneakers, Prevod sa srpskog na engleski jezik perfumes, canned goods, typical home things, toiletries, and plenty of additional.

A further adnvatage of its size is its Price-effectiveness. If precisely the same number of merchandise were sent via more compact, personal deals, the fee might be major. On the other hand, there are also a number of drawbacks of utilizing balikbayan containers.

A single drawback is the quantity of hard work and time wanted to rearrange a complete balikbayan box, which might Commonly involve loads of procuring and searching, and also packaging the things securely and the process of sending the offer as a result of courier assistance. One more is its shipping and delivery, which Usually take months to even a month. Even though there is a speedier solution to mail balikbayan bins (by airfreights), there remains to be The shortage of the sound shipping and delivery date. This makes online outlets extra handy when compared to balikbayan bins.

Advantages and drawbacks of On the web Retailers
The use of online outlets turned common on account of several causes, 1 is the fact that online outlets is a great deal more practical in comparison with balikbayan boxes, wherein abroad Filipinos would only have to work with a computer or perhaps a WIFI-enabled cellphone to send out present Philippines.

An additional benefit of working with on the web retailers compared to using balikbayan containers is its collection of reward objects. Only by means of online outlets can abroad Filipinos deliver items for example bouquets of flowers, as well as household appliances, foods, and also automobiles.

On line stores also can offer abroad Filipinos the chance to mail presents more quickly compared to the usage of balikbayan containers. On line stores are known for its a lot quicker shipping and delivery solutions, Commonly using 2 to five Operating times. And in comparison with sending a balikbayan box, online stores are recognized to mail their presents on time.

The drawback of utilizing on line retailers is the expense of every single item, and that is A lot dearer. Yet another is that most objects accessible on the net are only These located in the Philippines. Uncommon and imported merchandise can only be sent as a result of balikbayan containers.For more info pay a visit to to our site at

Admit You happen to be Completely wrong

On August 29, 2006, Neil A. Lewis noted while in the Big apple Situations that Richard Armitage (former deputy Secretary of State within the Bush Administration) had been confirmed to get the 1st and first supply of the CIA leak regarding covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson.
On November 11, 2007, in the course of a CNN interview, Wolf Blitzer confronted Armitage with a fairly harsh tape of Mrs. Plame contacting his steps “silly and irresponsible.” In a very refreshing Exhibit of honesty and accountability, Armitage agreed along with his accuser. "She’s Unquestionably right," he said.
Wow! A truly uncommon, but refreshing event of honesty, inside the midst of a media and political circus environment. In cases like this, it Improved
Armitage’s reliability and community impression due to the fact he was ready to notify the reality.
Outright lies, fact spins, twisted 50 percent-truths and misleading responses are what We now have all developed accustomed to have from political figures, govt officers, famous people, significant fork out Lawyers and divorce proceedings.
one. Why could it be so challenging for men and women to admit they’re Mistaken?
For numerous, it’s pure ego, satisfaction and selfishness. Some would prefer to eliminate plausibility than to get rid of experience. Never “appearing to be wrong or found to be Completely wrong,” is the equivalent of “always being right.” Never remaining Completely wrong presents them electric power and ethical superiority, or at the least the illusion of it! I have really found out in dealing with people today that some treatment more details on on their own than about their own spouses, family, small children, good friends, place and God! I have noticed atrocities committed by individuals that prefer to look proper (in their very own eyes) than to publicly admit they are actually Erroneous. You can find folks, who've chosen of their internal souls, way prior to anything at any time took place, that they would “never” be uncovered Mistaken! So, they devote the rest of their life looking to show they are suitable! I have heard the tales of adult kids telling me during the privateness of a coaching session, how a father experienced wronged them terribly and he By no means admitted to his Completely wrong executing. “In no way heard your father declaring, ‘I am sorry I had been Improper?’” I asked, “Under no circumstances!” I bear in mind a daughter telling me how she had been abused sexually by her father For several years; when she confronted him, a long time afterwards, he denied the episode fully! The debate regarding why men and women lie and are dishonest thanks to private insecurity, fear, habits rooted inside a shy identity, lower self-esteem and also the like results in being insulting to Individuals they have offended and it’s low cost psycho-babble to confuse the real difficulty: basic selfishness, and pleasure. There is nothing else to it! In its extreme sort the denial of Incorrect accomplishing is evil caged inside the interior most Section of the heart.
For Other folks, it’s about dodging the consequences in their conduct.
That’s why we lie. That’s why we have been outright dishonest. We know our habits and conduct might be topic to criticism, questioning, disapproval or, worst of all, civil and prison liability. Some periods I have questioned a one who I mentor, “Why are you currently dishonest inside your relationship? What great will it come away from it?” I get as numerous solutions as you wish to imagine, but all of them boil right down to a similar: “I don’t want to cope with the implications of becoming straightforward!” Cheating with your spouse, cheating on the taxes, cheating over a test, lying to the family and friends are all regarding the exact: instantaneous gratification without the need of having to pay the cost of being trustworthy.
Certainly, it’s unethical to lie, nevertheless it isn’t irrational. The reality is self-incriminating and may or may not be employed versus you.
2. Here's a liberating truth of the matter: becoming or executing wrong is human! Precisely what is prison and evil is obsessive Incorrect undertaking!
Why can it be so difficult to just accept that being Improper is human? Mainly because we have come to think that Many others count on from us what we have been unable to deliver. It’s named perfectionism. Our society, ethical, religious and ethical establishments make us believe that! Needless to say, You will find a judicial procedure to cope with felony actions, misdemeanors and obsessive wrong carrying out. But even then, it’s greater to confess to wrong carrying out and deal with the implications of it than it is for being dishonest and turn into a prisoner of your own private soul for the rest of your life! Look into Barry Bond with the San Francisco Giants. A warm button within the media and sport circles. Bond, the HR winner of all periods, at the height of his carrier, age 36 and admired by the planet; what’s up coming? His probable disastrous tumble will simply be because of conceitedness, dishonesty and obsessive lying ahead of his admirers, the Activity authorities and now the judicial system. Wow! How can somebody be so foolish?*
Actually, staying Completely wrong is not an option; human imperfection isn't a choice. Shortly or later on you're going to be Completely wrong if you have not been Incorrect 1001 occasions presently, dependant upon just how long you are alive! Why don't you established that basic principle in the mind as a reality at this time? You happen to be Improper over and over, you can be Mistaken again and again; You will be HUMAN AND IMPERFECT!
three. Absolutely free you within the panic of remaining Completely wrong by admitting that you do and say wrong things.
Practice honesty everytime you are confronted with fact. I guarantee you one thing: You will get much better and improved at it. You won't only experience more comfortable when persons let you know are Improper but you'll get better at admitting it and don't just that… Get this just one, you can be totally free from the need to dodge, justify, lie, go over-up or manipulate the reality As well as in the procedure you might discovered by yourself committing fewer and fewer wrongs. It’s a magnificent basic principle! It really is Among the most liberating activities. You improve not by seeking to be improved but by getting genuine. That’s the core of a good coronary heart! When you experience that kind of liberty you immediately move clear of the labels of staying a ethical person, spiritual, born-yet again Christian, currently being authorized, becoming a conservative, being politically-suitable or regardless of what! You are only HUMAN and IMPERFECT, time period. You do make issues but honesty alterations your internal spiritual struggle.
four. Advantages of admitting you might be Incorrect
• Spiritual and psychological flexibility. Christ shared together with his followers one of the common rules of emotional freedom, “The reality shall make you free,” he reported (John eight:32-The Bible). Robert Frost stated the same in various terms: "Freedom lies in remaining Daring." Honesty is really a regulation like gravity is while in the physical environment! When you finally boldly confess the reality of everything you expertise psychological and spiritual flexibility!
• Well being Gains. Surprisingly you'll find health Added benefits to getting genuine. Your immune technique and Your whole body experience the liberty of honesty compared to the tension of lying. David, the magnificent King of the ancient persons of Israel lied about possessing sex Together with the wife of 1 of his army generals but then also strategize his murder in a canopy-up operation. He shared afterwards how the “protect-up” and his dishonesty affected his human body (Psalm 38-The Bible). An excellent illustration of psychosomatic sickness because of dishonesty. Residing a dishonest everyday living is
• Reliability. People are inclined to think you in other parts when you find yourself equipped to admit that you are Improper during the places in which you are Improper! No significant science driving this assertion. Although remaining Improper is human, remaining Incorrect and lying or staying dishonest about it would make you unethical and questionable in all other areas of your lifetime. The only real types that don’t have an understanding of this truism will be the pathological liars. They Stay under the illusion they can lie in a single location and make the whole world think These are credible in all the other regions.
• Character. Fairly often the “moralistic” sort struggles using this issue one of the most. Character does not equal “with the ability to cover” your wrongs effectively! No revenue, appears, electricity, posture or manipulative electrical power can present you with character. Character is what you are inside the interior Main of our soul. Character may be the administration of your own private imperfection and the entire world all over. Character always comes at a value and the actual test of character is admitting you might be Erroneous when it’s likely to Expense in excess of what you wish to pay.
• Supporting Some others. What? Yes! Admitting you might be Erroneous is without doubt one of the healthiest methods to help you Some others. And I'm not talking listed here with regards to the “Paris Hilton, or maybe the Hollywood tabloid kind of “melodrama honesty” to produce an additional buck that has a reserve, or allow it to be to the notorious Tv set ‘confession reveals’.” I am talking about sincere, trustworthy, character pushed admitting that you'll be human and commit wrongs. Individuals truly feel greater about by themselves and recuperate at admitting their own wrongs once they hear of another person opening up, particularly if you a job product to Many others. If you are a dad, a mom, a pacesetter, a Instructor, or in any ability of affect the ideal legacy you could go away behind would be to be sincere and explain to the truth. Should you be married your marital conflicts will lessen when you study to confess to remaining wrong. People will keep in mind that and honor it. They'll disrespect you for life so long as they know you've got “described” items away! This specially applies to the kids of divorce mother and father. Youngsters are desirous to know the truth! Youngsters are worthy of honesty inside the midst in the undeserved ache attributable to immature Grownups that are not in a position to get along or fulfill their marital promises. I've normally reported that remaining genuine is one method to make the earth an even better area irrespective of your very own private effects.
• Folks are much more wiling that will help you out when you admit you are actually Erroneous! It doesn’t are unsuccessful. Whenever I have admitted to my Incorrect performing, people are all set to enable me. Could it be just me? I don’t Consider so. I have noticed the same materialize to quite a few Other folks recovering from lives of dishonesty, cheating, egocentric lying and masking up.
5. Honesty will motivate you to do what’s suitable pushed by independence, instead of to be pushed by your very own attempts to complete Prevod teksta sa srpskog na engleski jezik what’s right.
I listen to it typically. “I am trying to do what’s ideal!” I listen to it from spouses that are trying to stay married, drug-addicts that happen to be aiming to Recuperate and spiritual persons that are attempting to complete whatever they Assume God will smile at. “Making an attempt” is The important thing term. It Seems to me like labor! Can the thing is the deal with of “making an attempt”? It Nearly looks like currently being emotionally constipated! Excuse my case in point. Practically nothing states it better!
The liberty that originates from admitting that you'll be human and imperfect is translated into Electricity to accomplish what’s right! It seriously operates! Honesty is translated into energy being excellent and avoid Erroneous carrying out!
I feel that when you just accept the fact of getting human and imperfect you are taking step one into genuine flexibility! The second move is to just accept God as the supply of perfection within the Universe. The 3rd stage is to simply accept that the ideal God of the Universe has the ability to make you “great.” The final action is always to embrace Those people 3 realities! That’s the moment if you not only practical experience Divine forgiveness, but capture the genuine essence of moral flexibility. You all of a sudden Have got a new sparkle within your coronary heart: a desire to do what’s most effective for you personally in any case. You abruptly see matters from a special standpoint. That’s what I get in touch with the strength of spirituality. There's no substitute for just a connection with God. The proper God offers you course, perspective, function, forgiveness, power to increase; the perfect God frees you from the inside out, within the curse of getting human and imperfect, and turns you right into a blessing to the planet. It's so simple, nevertheless so Many of us skip it.
six. Here is my ultimate issue.
You don’t want to hitch a “liars anonymous” or possibly a “recovering dishonesty team” to find out to confess that you are Improper! The many benefits of becoming trustworthy regarding your “wrongs” much outweighs the detrimental consequences in the reverse. You don’t will need an English major to write down an apology and say, “I had been wrong!”. I have gotten letters in past times from people who have hurt me And that i straight away know they had just been at a “Restoration program” the week ahead of! I'm glad one thing labored for them, but Those people letters sound so “protect-upish”; like, “I really have to ask forgiveness for offending you as a way to proceed with my everyday living!” You understand what? Ensure it is your point out of mind and heart very first. Then, just get it done! Enable it flow out of your coronary heart!
Exercise honesty until it gets to be normal being honest. Doesn’t that have an excellent ring to it? Will probably be refreshing to your own private soul and to the people who are connected to you.
*On Barry Bonds:

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